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With Audio | No Audio is an easy to use, on-line behavioral program designed to help individuals reduce unwanted skin picking, nail biting, cheek and lip biting behaviors. is not therapy and is not intended to replace individual behavior therapy. It is an interactive behavioral program that will help you to identify situations associated with your picking or biting behaviors, and will recommend strategies to help you to change those behaviors.

Who Should Subscribe to is intended for people 12 years and older. The program can be used in conjunction with behavior therapy for people who are already in treatment with a therapist who is familiar with treating body focused repetitive behaviors. can be a nice complement to therapy, however, if you are currently in therapy, let your therapist know you are considering subscribing to so that they can integrate the program successfully into your treatment. can also be used by people who do not have access to appropriately trained professionals in their area, i.e., someone who knows how to treat body focused repetitive behaviors. Because so few professionals are trained specifically to treat these behaviors, it is oftentimes difficult to find either someone in your area or someone on your insurance panel. While is not therapy, it can provide a useful alternative to a self-help book or to treatment with a professional who is not trained in helping people to reduce these unwanted behaviors.

Advantages of an On-Line Program:
Privacy: allows users the ability to participate in an interactive program for body focused repetitive behaviors, without anyone else having to know that they engage in these behaviors.

Economy: is significantly less expensive than individual therapy and offers a great deal more than a self-help book.

Expertise: provides individualized feedback designed by several of the top body focused behavior experts in the world.

Ease of Use: is user friendly and can be accessed many times per day so that a person can benefit from the program each day, instead of having to wait for weekly or bi-weekly appointments.

How is Used? is easy and fun to use, with graphics and icons that will guide you easily through the program. is designed to take very little time each day (less than 15 minutes), but requires a commitment on a regular basis. As with any worthwhile lifestyle change such as starting to exercise or quitting smoking, you will have to work hard to see results. Working hard means paying attention to your habits and being willing to journal about your behaviors. However, your reward will be feeling in control of your life, increased confidence, and living a healthier life. is an interactive self-help approach program for combating self-injurious skin picking and nail biting that is based upon the clinical experience of its developers. The program is broken into 3 modules

  1. Assessment
  2. Intervention
  3. Maintenance

Time Commitment:
It requires about a 7-10 week commitment to complete the first 2 modules. During this time you will log on and report every urge and episode you have (less than 15 minutes per day on average).

Once you have reached the Maintenance module, you can remain there indefinitely, monitoring your urges and learning about relapse prevention.

The Program:

Assessment Module I

The first module will be the largest and most time-consuming portion of the package, guiding you through extensive self-evaluation of your behavior.

You will be asked to journal or monitor your skin picking behavior daily, with increasing amounts of detail each week for up to 3 weeks.

Further, you will be asked to journal how much time you spend picking each day to help you track your progress.

Intervention Module II

During the second module, the program will analyze your unique information from the Assessment Module and suggest helpful interventions or coping strategies for behavior change.

You will continue to monitor your behavior on a daily basis, but you will be prompted to use a variety of coping strategies and skills to help you decrease your skin picking. will keep track of your progress over time and provide feedback to you about how you are doing with visual graphs and charts. You will set weekly goals and reward yourself for achieving your goals.

Maintenance Module III

The final module is designed to help you avoid relapses and to "maintain" your progress over time.

It is intended to be ongoing, depending on how focused you are on maintaining change.

You will enter the Maintenance Module when you have reached your skin picking goals for four consecutive weeks.

You will continue to monitor your behavior and set goals for continued maintenance. If relapse does occur, you will be encouraged to return to an earlier portion of the program to revisit these skills.

Cost for costs $29.95 for each month that you subscribe to the program.

You may pay with a credit card and the subscription will automatically be billed to your credit card each month. If you choose to discontinue your subscription to, all you have to do is click on Discontinue Program on your Account page and your subscription will end on the last day of the most recent month for which you have paid. Please read all about the program and our Terms of Use policy before purchasing as PsycTech, Ltd does not issue refunds.



About Skin Picking...  

Severe skin picking appears to be a way for some people to increase their activity levels when they are bored, or to control their emotions when they are anxious, tense, or upset.


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