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"This program has helped me to get a hold of my picking...I am so much more aware of my behavior."

"My picking has become much less severe since starting the program!"

"I feel that I have a better sense of my picking now than ever before."

"I am definately using the strategies suggested and have found several of them to be incredibly useful!"

"I am much more aware of the situations that cause me to pick after using this I have some strategies to help me stop!"

"I find the Daily Reminders via email absolutely helpful to keep me on track."

"Every time I log a picking episode I learn more about myself and get closer to stopping."

"I love the graph, it really helps me to see my progress over time."

"I am so happy to be able to use this program. I have been in hiding for so many years, and just knowing that someone out there is trying to help me has made a difference. Thank you for providing this service! "

"I want to let you know that this tool has been very helpful with assessment of an individual I care for in a psychiatric nursing home. Interventions are working some and the clients skin is looking much better. I am a RN care manager and have cared for this individual for 2 years and nothing else has helped. "

About Skin Picking...  

Severe skin picking appears to be a way for some people to increase their activity levels when they are bored, or to control their emotions when they are anxious, tense, or upset.


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