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Keuthen, N., Deckersbach, T., Wilhelm, S., et al. (2000). Repetitive skin picking in a student population and comparison with a sample of self-injurious skin pickers. Psychosomatics, 41, 210-215.

Keuthen, N., Wilhelm, S., Deckersback, T., Engelhard, M., Forker, A., Baer, L.,& Jenike, M. (2001). The skin picking scale (SPS): Scale construction and psychometric analyses. Journal of Psychosomatic Research, 50:337-341.

Wilhelm, S., Keuthen, N., Deckersbach, T., Engelhard, M., Forker, A., Baer, L., O'Sullivan, R., Jenike, M. (1999). Self-injurious skin lpicking: Clinical characteristics and comorbidity, Journal of Clinical Psychiatry, 60:7, 454-459.

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About Skin Picking...  

Severe skin picking appears to be a way for some people to increase their activity levels when they are bored, or to control their emotions when they are anxious, tense, or upset.


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